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Heat, precipitation, hail, sun rays, and a range of other concerns are involved in how a resident of Dallas, TX enjoys their patio and the outdoors. Without the proper protection, a patio will quickly degrade in quality and beauty as the sun bears down, and a resident won’t be able to comfortably go outside to enjoy it. A patio cover is just the thing for protecting your investment and enjoying the outdoors in Dallas.

A patio cover from Jet of Texas is made of aircraft grade aluminum and poly-carbonate roof panels. In layman’s terms, the patio cover is made of bullet proof glass for extra durability and shaded pleasure on a hot summer day. The products that Jet of Texas offers aren’t run-of-the-mill patio covers that will breakdown in a short time. Jet of Texas offers high-end solutions and investments for beating the Dallas, TX heat and preserving the integrity of your patio for years.

Call the experts at Jet of Texas today. With extensive installation experience and some of the strongest products in the business, patio covers and solutions by Jet of Texas will help you get out and enjoy the Dallas sun longer and safer than ever before. Improve the quality of your life and upgrade the investment on your home by installing a high-end patio cover through our professional services today.

Want more technical specifications on our patio covers? Check this out.